Celliwig Covenant

Celliwig Covenant is located in eastern Cornwall near the town now called Callington, and is called Celliwig after the Arthurian site that supposedly once existed there. It holds its land directly from the crown on the basis of several tin mines that it administrates.

The general aura of Celliwig is a Magic aura of level 4.

This is the covenant of Ysle ex Verditius's pater, Denuo ex Verditius, and has been ever since he passed his gauntlet.

Although the larger cities and towns of Cornwall have had their native Christian traditions absorbed by the Catholic Church, some tiny village parishes and monasteries in the area retain the clergy and Dominon auras of the Celtic Church (see The Lion of the North). As a result, the relationship between Celliwig and (some parts of) the Church are rather less dramatic than is often the case. The mages of Celliwig are most familiar with the friendlier Celtic Dominion, and are in general quietly religious.

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