She doesn't actually mean to cause this much trouble. Sell her down the river — or drown her in the river — at the first opportunity.

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Character Description

Born A.D. 1190


Cuirc is travelling, looking for "her" mage. She's in love with him. She's obsessed with him. Without him to focus all her attention on, she gets pretty bored.

Have you seen any mages around here?

Quirc is tiny and fragile. If you could ever manage to hit her, she'd go down.


  • Alto recorder
  • Silver ring, taken from Nicholas' (dead) hand
  • A cloak, "strongly Muto and somewhat Animal", taken from Nicholas' lab. It glows blue to Cuirc's sight when she wears the ring. Concentrating on being a bat while wearing it does not turn her into a bat.
  • A dagger taken from Nicholas' lab. It glows blue to Cuirc's sight when she wears the ring. It seems to have the effect of taking strength/life force from the one stabbed and giving it to the one holding the dagger. This dagger is currently in Sir Gregory's possession at the Baron's manor; Emryst has said he will look into getting it back.

General Traits


Intelligence: 2
Perception: 1
Strength: -3
Stamina: 0
Presence: 3 (+1, Sidhe Blood)
Communication: -1
Dexterity: 1
Quickness: 2

Confidence: 3/3
Size: -1
Decrepitude: 0


Faerie Blood (Sidhe Blood) (2)
Somewhere in your ancestry there is a faerie, and this relation gives you an intuitive grasp of the motivations and personalities of those magical folk. Faeries are more comfortable around you than around other humans, and given time, may even forget the mortal blood in your veins. You may refer to the supplement Faeries for further information.
You are descended from one of the noble Sidhe who rule the lands of Summer and sunlight. You get +1 to all rolls to avoid afflictions due to aging, and +3 to all natural resistance rolls for those spells you want to resist. In addition, because the striking unusual qualities of your nature add +1 to your Presence, even if it brings your total over +3. Many mortals consider you fascinating or alluring.
You may purchase the Arcane Knowledge Faerie Lore, even if you are normally restricted from purchasing it.
Venus' Blessing (1)
People are often attracted to you. You gt +3 on Communication and Presence rolls with sexually compatible characters in appropriate situations. At times you can put this to good use. At other times it's an annoyance.
Lightning Reflexes (2)
You respond to surprises almost instantly. In fact, your reflexes are sometimes so fast that you don't have a chance to think about how you are going to respond. Whenever you are surprised or startled, roll a stress die + Quickness. If you get a 3 or better, you respond reflexively. You must tell the Storyguide what one type of action (attacking, blocking, running, etc.) you would like to respond with. If attacking in response, you gain +9 to your Initiative Total. The Storyguide is the final arbiter of what happens (though it is always in the best interests of your immediate self-preservation). You only react to threats that you are not fully aware of, so you don't get a bonus against an assassin you watch sneak up on you. Note that you do not get a choice about whether to react. You could just as easily skewer a friend sneaking up in fun as you would an assassin about to strike. Also note that you must perceive an action to react to it — you can still be easily killed in your sleep. This Virtue gives you no special powers of perception.
Luck (2)
You perform well in situations where luck is more of a factor than skill or talent. You get +1 to +3 (Storyguide's discretion) on rolls in such situations, depending on how much luck is involved. You do well at games of chance, but may be labeled a cheater if you play them too often.
Charmed Life (3)
Fortune protects you from the most terrible injury and harm. Whenever you botch, you may reroll the original roll and take the better result. You should describe in detail how you manage to avoid the terrible fate. The Storyguide should also be lenient where there is a chance of your rescue or protection.


Obsessed ("Her" mage) (-1)
You are fixated on some prized object, action, or ideal. This interferes with your accomplishment of more immediate tasks.
Oversensitive (??) (-1)
Something that others find merely unpleasant you consider intolerable. If you are the violent type, you may start fights with those who offend you.
Magic Susceptibility (-1)
You are easily affected by magic. You suffer a -3 penalty on all magic resistance and natural resistance rolls, and get -3 Soak against direct magical damage. However, you receive a +3 bonus when rolling for the effects of beneficial magic.
Dark Secret (It's a secret!) (-1)
You are haunted by something that would lead to shame, rejection, and possibly revenge if discovered. Hints about the secret continually arise, and there might be others who know it and could betray you. This makes you avoid certain places, dislike certain people, or fear certain things.
Soft-Hearted (-1)
You cannot bear to witness suffering, and causing it brings you sleepless nights. Even the deaths of enemies are painful for you. You avoid danger and try to keep your friends out of it as well. Life and health mean so much that you would rather give up important goals than let another person risk combat. You are easily moved by song and story.
Curse of Venus (-2)
You are very attractive to people whom you do not wish to attract (add +3 to Presence rolls). People you detest keep getting crushes on you, and will not be dissuaded. Furthermore, you tend to fall in love with inappropriate people, and in inappropriate circumstances. These people you are interested in tend to think you are vain and shallow, causing a -1 penalty on Presence and Communication rolls.
Small Frame (-2)
You are of a lighter-than-average build. Your Size is reduced by 1. You have no Hurt Body Level and no Winded Fatigue Level.
Deep Sleeper (-1)
When you sleep, you don't go halfway. You can sleep through loud noises and generally only wake up when shaken, or when good and ready. Even then you suffer -3 on your rolls for half an hour or so before awakening, and you're likely to head back to bed if at all possible.
Weakness (??) (-1)
You have a soft spot for some object or person. In the face of this, all else is unimportant: promises are forgotten, duties neglected, and common sense cast to the winds.


Speak English (??) (5)
Fluency in a particular language. Rather than roll a die modifier, your score in this language measures your ability to communicate. When two people speak to each other, the lower Ability score determines how well they communicate. Characters who speak related languages can communicate at a penalty to their scores (assigned by the Storyguide) depending on how closely related the two languages are. Speak Latin (and Greek and Hebrew) cannot be chosen with this Knowledge — it is a separate Academic Knowledge. (Intelligence)
Carouse (Power drinking) (1)
The ability to enjoy oneself without suffering adverse effects. A person with this skill can, for example, consume prodigious amounts of alcohol without passing out. The skill also covers a familiarity with acceptable behavior, balancing enjoyment and moderation. With this skill, a person is able to have fun and gain friends among the lower classes nearly anywhere, even among those of a different culture. (Stamina, Concentration)
Folk Ken (Opposite Sex) (4)
Understanding the background, personality, and motives of another person. Often the Storyguide secretly rolls a die when this ability is used. Thus, you do not know if your character guessed correctly, or even botched. (Intelligence, Perception)
Charm (Against your better judgement) (4.1)
Enticing, fascinating, and endearing others to you, but only on a personal basis. It can be used to win someone over emotionally, especially members of the opposite sex. (Presence)
Guile (??) (2.1)
Telling convincing lies, as well as feigning emotion, belief, or frame of mind. If you understand the person you are attempting to decieve (roll 9+ on Perception + Folk Ken), you may gain a bonus to your Guile roll. (Communication, Perception)
Etiquette (Faeries) (2)
You know the social graces and how to behave in different situations. Successful Etiquette rolls might also grant you bonuses on rolls for Social Talents or other Social Skills. (Presence, Communication)
Awareness (Alertness) (2)
Noticing things, be they things you are looking for or things that you are not aware of. It is also used to see how alert you are in circumstances that require watchfulness. (Perception)
Stealth (Sneak) (3)
Sneaking about without being seen or heard, also hiding in one place. This includes following people without their noticing, which is rolled against the other person's Perception. (Dexterity)
Legerdemain (filching) (1.1)
Slight of hand and knowledge of confidence games requiring sleight of hand. It requires a delicate touch and great hand-eye coordination. Legerdemain includes filching things from market stalls and cutting purses, as well as the "magical" trickery often required to raise money from credulous folk. The target of an attempt rolls Perception + Awareness to detect your actions. If the perceiver has Legerdemain skill, he may substitute that for Awareness if he wishes. On particularly delicate moves such as picking pockets, he receives a +3 bonus. (Dexterity, Quickness)
Play Recorder (Vast repertoire) (3)
Performing with a certain instrument and familiarity with a repertoire of music appropriate to it. When you purchase this skill, choose a specific instrument. You may purchase this skill more than once in order to learn a variety of different instruments. (Dexterity, Communication)
Faerie Lore (??) (4)
Familiarity with faerie powers, weaknesses, motivations, and areas. (Intelligence)
Brawling (Dodge) (4)
Brawling covers fist fighting, using knives and daggers, and improvising weapons. It also covers the ability to dodge incoming blows.

Experience tokens (unallocated: 0)

  • 20110326 : 4 tokens; could be distributed among Folk-Ken, Charm, Guile, Stealth. Allocated: 2 to Charm, 2 to Guile.


Personality Traits




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