Denuo Ex Verditius

Denuo ex Verditius is one of the two living filii of Nicholas ex Verditius as of A.D. 1220. He is the parens of Ysle ex Verditius, and a long-time member of the Celliwig Covenant in eastern Cornwall.

Denuo is a bit of a pacifist, and very conservative on the issue of interfering with mundanes. (It's possible these personality traits come from attempting to model himself, consciously or unconsciously, as something of an anti-Nicholas.) His main area of interest is recreating fabulous, challenging, or original items from the past — many a magus has earned a pawn or two of vis selling off some obscure set of lab notes to him! He is a master re-craftsman in both the magical and mundane sense, since he often wishes to reproduce the physical form of an enchanted item as well as its enchantments.

Denuo chose the chough as his corvid sigil, aware of its connection to King Arthur and to Cornwall, where lay the covenant which he was to make his permanent home. On formal occasions he will wear a black robe and red boots.

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