Description: Andrew is a veteran of the Crusades. When he returned to his hometown he found he didn't particularly care to settle back into life as a farmer (especially with his father still hale and strong), so he took service at the covenant. Other grogs look up to him because of his experience.

Andrew is serves as turb sergeant, and is in charge as long as the turb captain is injured.

Age: 27 (Born 1193 A.D.)


  • Short sword (Load -.5)
  • Round shield (Load -.5)
  • Reinforced Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5), Steel Helmet (Load -1)

Intelligence 0
Perception -1
Stamina +1
Strength +1
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1

Virtues / Flaws:
Veteran +1
Grog Leader (Sergeant) +1
Tough +1
Disfigured (badly scarred face) -1
Weakness (pretty girls) -1
Deep Sleeper -1

Speak English (orders) 4
Speak French (lingua franca) 2
Carouse (games of chance) 3
Folk Ken (crusaders) 2
Guile (lying to authority) 2
Leadership (grogs) 2.1

Awareness (keeping watch) 1
Survival (finding shelter) 3
Swim (long distances) 1
Athletics (battle) 2

Chirurgy (binding wounds) 2

Area Lore: Levant (geography) 3
Organization Lore: Bynnewalle (turb) 1

Brawling (fistfights) 3
Single Weapon (shortsword) 6

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