Berenger Twist-eye

Description: Berenger is a tall, rangy swordsman with a distorted left eye. This affects his eyesight slightly, but of greater concern is the social affect; only among long-time covenfolk is this "evil eye" a matter of no mention. Even those who know him well can find his stare intimidating, and his eye only adds to his skill in inspiring fear amongst his foes.

Berenger's mother was from Normandy, and as a consequence he speaks some Norman French and knows some of the legends of that place.

Age: 25 (Born A.D. 1195)
Size: +1


  • Reinforced Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5), Steel Helmet (Load -1.0)
  • Longsword (Load -.5)
  • Buckler (Load -.5)
  • Dagger (Load 0.0)

Intelligence 0
Perception -1
Stamina 0
Strength +1
Presence +1
Communication -1
Dexterity +1
Quickness +1

Virtues / Flaws
+1 Large
+1 Above Average
+1 Rapid Convalescence
-1 Deep Sleeper
-1 Uncommon Fear (Undead)
-1 Evil Eye

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Speak Norman French (Normandy) 3
Carouse (Games of chance) 2

Athletics (Grace) 4.1
Awareness (Alertness) 2
Leadership (Intimidation) 1

Craft: Masonry (walls) 1

Area Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 1
Legend Lore (Normandy) 1

Brawl (Dagger) 3
Single Weapon (Longsword) 6.4

Coward (Turb) +1

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