Description: Denis is one of the yeomen of Bynnewalle village. The yeomen are regularly trained at the covenant and serve as a secondary force. In times when every man must fight (well, times when there is opportunity for organization and mobilization) they lead their fellow peasants. Yeomen are trained with spears and bows and issued heavy leather armor.

Because of his size and general fitness for battle, Denis was made a yeoman at quite a young age, and is correspondingly middling-skilled with his weapons. Beyond this training, he is a typical peasant.

A terrifying experience in his childhood has left Denis with a great fear of the deep forest. He is only slightly jittery on the forest edge, as long as he can see beyond the trees, but as he goes in further he becomes more and more off-kilter, until eventually he refuses to go any further. If forced, he will collapse in a mindless trembling heap of fear, but he will fight desperately to flee first, blind to any considerations beyond the need to get away.

Age: 22 (Born A.D. 1198)
Size: +1


  • Heavy Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5) — covenant issue
  • Spear (Load -1.0) — covenant issue
  • Short Bow (Load -.5) — covenant issue

Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Stamina 0
Strength +1
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity +1
Quickness 0

Virtues / Flaws
+1 Above Average
+1 Large
-2 Terrors (Deep forest)

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Carouse (power drinking) 2

Craft: Farming (mowing) 5
Craft: Masonry (drystone walls) 1
Craft: Carpentry (repairs) 1

Area Lore: Bynnewalle village (geography) 2

Brawl (fist/kick) 2
Longshaft Weapon (spear) 4
Bow (short bow) 4

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