Grog Eustace

Description: Eustace is actually fairly young for an established smith, having taken over from the covenant's previous smith, Herbert, only two years ago. Herbert retired to Bynnewalle village to live with his elder daughter's family, and Eustace became the smith. He serves both the village and the covenant — although he finds the covenant duties of making and mending weapons and armor (and sometimes even stranger things!) far more interesting than sharpening sickles before harvest-time.

Of course, like any smith, Eustace is also adept at shoeing horses.

Age: 24


  • Mace (Load -.5)

As the smith, Eustace does not typically carry his mace, and is not armored. Combat table stats do assume he carries his mace, since, y'know, in combat he presumably does. It's not like it makes a difference to encumbrance anyway, he's more than strong enough!

Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Stamina +1
Strength +1
Presence 0
Communication -1 (Laconic)
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1

Virtues / Flaws:
Enduring Constitution +1
Large +1
Strong-Willed +1
Faerie Enmity -1
Magic Susceptibility -1
Uncommon Fear (wide open spaces) -1 (As long as there is something on the horizon — mountains, hills, forest, buildings — he's okay)

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Carouse (power drinking) 1
Folk Ken (peasants) 2

Animal Handling (horses) 2
Ride (control) 1

Craft: Blacksmith (judging temperature) 5
Craft: Weaponsmith (shortswords) 4
Craft: Locksmith (keys) 1
Concentration (smithery) 2

Area Lore (Bynnewalle & Newcastle) 2
Legend Lore (smiths and iron) 2

Brawling (fistfights) 1
Single Weapon (mace) 3

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