Glenda Baker

Description: Glenda is a stout woman of commanding presence; the kitchen is her domain and woebetide the apprentice who thinks he can track in mud or steal her bread just because he’s one of the highfolk. Underneath the slightly blustery exterior, Glenda’s a very maternal sort, treating essentially everyone under 40 as one of her nieces or nephews. She grew up in the covenant, daughter of the old gardener and blacksmith, and was fortunately away visiting her sister when the highfolk disappeared. Her son, Jason, is the only one of her children to live past the age of 3 so far, and she’s fiercely protective of him, though she’s started to worry about how inquisitive he seems compared to the other children around.

Age: 31 1/2 (Born A.D. 1179)

Intelligence -1
Perception 0
Stamina +1
Strength -1
Presence +1
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness 0

Grog Leader +1
Busybody +1
Empathy +1
Dependent -1
Deep Sleeper -1
Uncommon Fear (Snakes) -1

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Carouse 3
Folk Ken (covenfolk) 4
Empathy 1
Charm 3
Guile 3
Bargain (foodstuffs) 3
Leadership (covenfolk) 4

Craft:Cook (for many people) 5

Area Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 1
Organization Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 1

Brawl 3

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