Grairne Mhór

Description: There is no doubt Grairne Mhór lives up to her name — all the way up. Grairne is pronounced "Grawr-nya". It means "She who inspires terror". Mhór simply means "the Large", by way of describing what is so terrifying about Grairne: she has giant blood, and is nearly seven and a half feet tall and built to match.

Born and raised in Ireland, Grairne's red hair, blue eyes, and freckles might actually be attractive if anyone could get past her height. And the fact that she follows the Old Ways of the Druids. And she's a bounty hunter, and might be after you.

Age: 24 (Born A.D. 1196)
Size: +2


  • Greataxe (Load -1.5)
  • Heavy Leather Full Armor (Load -3.5)
  • Longbow (Load -0.5)

Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Strength +2 (Heavyset)
Stamina +1 (Tough)
Dexterity 0
Quickness 0
Presence -2 (Gigantic)
Communication -1 (Heavy accent)

Virtues / Flaws
+3 Giant Blood
-1 Magical Air
-2 Sheltered Upbringing

Speak Gaelic 4
Speak English 3
Carouse 1

Boating 2
Hunt (Track humans) 2
Survival 1
Swim 2
Awareness 1

Brawling (Fist/Kick) 1
Great Weapon (Greataxe) 6
Bow (Longbow) 4

Personality Traits
Gruff 2
Softie (to Gaelic folk) 1
Curious (about magic) 1

Scary (villagers) 3
Tough (fighters) 3

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