Henry, a soldier

Description: Henry’s a little slow, but he’s always been a strong one, and so he decided to earn his keep by the strength of his arms. In some ways, that very slowness is part of why he’s chosen to soldier at a covenant; there’s no shame in not understanding the minds of magi. During the recent events, Tristan has kept Henry guarding a relatively secluded side entrance to the silver mine, so even though he’s proven his competence with a sword and a shield, he has only faced opponents in training. Actual combat may prove a different matter.

Age: 21 (Born 1199 A.D.)


  • Shortsword (Load -.5) — belongs to covenant
  • Round Shield (Load -.5) — belongs to covenant
  • Reinforced Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5), Steel Helmet (Load -1.0), — belongs to covenant

Intelligence -2
Perception 0
Stamina +2
Strength +2
Presence -1
Communication -2
Dexterity +1
Quickness 0

Virtues / Flaws:
Tough +1
Large +1
Simple Minded -1
Green -1

Speak English 4
Carouse 2

Athletics 2
Awareness 3
Ride 3

Area Lore: Northern England (geography) 1

Brawl (fistfights) 3
Single Weapon (shortsword) 5 (+5xp)

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