Description: Jane is an upbeat young woman whose love for horses and tendency to drop her needles made life working in a stable far more appealing than being a seamstress. She’s also found that a surprising number of highfolk tend to treat grogs as being as relevant as the furniture when they’re performing their duties, and thus are freer with their tongues than perhaps they ought to be. Jane’s got a soft spot for Glenda, who is far warmer and more accepting of Jane’s connection with animals than her own mother ever was; Jane does her best to repay this kindness with any bits of information she can glean from visitors while caring for their animals, as she knows how much Glenda loves a good bit of gossip.

Age: 20


  • Short bow (Load -.5) — covenant, or personal?

Intelligence 0
Perception +1
Stamina 0
Strength 0
Presence +1
Communication +1
Dexterity -2
Quickness 0

Animal Ken +1
Carefree +1
Clumsy -2

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Carouse 2
Folk Ken (animal-lovers) 3
Guile 2

Animal Handling (horses) 4
Animal Ken (horses) 3
Ride (control) 3

Brawl 2
Bow (short bow) 3

Area Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 1

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