Description: Margery is Sperling's younger sister. She is a quick, bright, cheerful girl, prone to a bit of mischief and rather meddlesome. (While she is correct in believing she is smarter than many of the other covenfolk, and she grasps their problems well, she doesn't seem to realize that this doesn't mean she knows best.)

Margery is often tasked with helping Glenda in the kitchen, or Edith with her sewing, but she can be found all over the covenant. She might be playing with Cavall — whom she named, having a fascination for tales of King Arthur. She might be visiting with wounded grogs after a fight or a bout of training gone bad; her empathy and desire to "help" have actually sometimes come in handy here. Or she might just be eavesdropping at windows or doors, or sneaking into the Council Chamber to sing with her echoes. Margery is happiest in the covenant, where there are lots of people to "help" and none of the wild animals she fears.

The only thing that can pull Margery away from her stick-your-nose-in-it ways is her brother Sperling. At eleven, she still looks up to him as Cool Big Brother, and she is quite devoted to him.

Age: 11 (Born A.D. 1209)
Size: -1

Int +1
Per 0
Sta 0
Str 0
Pre 0
Com 0
Dex 0
Qik +1

Virtues / Flaws
+1 Above Average
+1 Empathy
-1 Meddler
-1 Uncommon Fear (Wild animals)

Speak English (local dialect) 4
Folk Ken (covenfolk) 2
Empathy (children) 1
Guile (lying to authorities) 2
Stealth (eavesdropping) 2

Craft: Clothiery (sewing) 2
Craft: Cooking (chores) 2
Sing (solo) 2
Animal Handling (dogs) 1
Chirurgy (binding wounds) 1

Area Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 2
Legend Lore (Arthurian) 1

Personality Traits:
Meddlesome +3
Loyal (to Sperling) +3

Meddler (Bynnewalle covenfolk) +1

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