Description: Osbert is Toly's son, a cheerful 7-year-old. He is bright but shy, and not very big for his age. The priest employing Toly had started to teach Osbert his letters (in Latin, of course).

Osbert seems like an ordinary boy; his oddnesses have not had any great chance to manifest while living next to a church.

Age: 7 (Born A.D. 1213)
Size: -2

Intelligence 1
Perception 1
Stamina 0
Strength -1
Presence -1
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness 0

Second Sight +1
Magic Susceptibility -1

Speak English (Slang) 3.1
Speak Latin (First declension, First conjugation present tense) 1
Folk Ken (Peasants) 1

Second Sight (?) 1
Awareness (searching) 2
Climb (Trees) 1
Stealth (Hiding) 1

Craft: Gardening (Weeding) 2
Craft: Woodworking (Whittling) 1
Scribe Latin (Reading) 1

Area Lore: Village (Layout) 1
Legend Lore (local legends) 1

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