Peter Percamen

Description: Peter was a lay member of a nearby monastery, Tynemouth Priory, and a skilled percamenarius. He was recently kicked out — after having been found once again dead drunk in the cellars. When sober, he is a slow, deliberate man, well-suited to the care necessary to his craft.

Peter is fairly personable, a genial drinking-companion, but unless he has been away from his work for some days he tends to smell rather unpleasant.

(A percamenarius is a parchment-maker; see for a nice description of parchment-making.)

Age: 27 (Born A.D. 1193)


  • Parchment-making knives: lunellum, etc.

Intelligence 0
Perception 0
Stamina +1
Strength 0
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1

Custos (Crafter) +1
Cautious with Craft: Parchment/Vellum +1
Compulsion (Drinking) -1
Social Handicap (Smelly) -1

Speak English (Parchment technical vocabulary) 4
Carouse (Drinking Songs) 3
Folk Ken (Monastics) 2
Guile (Lying to authority) 2
Bargain (Hides) 3

Play: Drum (Ensemble) 2
Craft: Parchment/Vellum (Avoiding flaws) 6
Craft: Bookbinding (On sewing frame) 3
Craft: Drums (Hand drums) 2
Craft: Leather (Curing) 2
Chirurgy (Stitches) 1
Concentration (Scraping hides) 1

Area Lore: Tynemouth Priory (Personalities) 2

Brawling (Fist/Kick) 2

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