Description: Philip is an archer, and quite a competent one, but most of his fellow grogs think of him as a storyteller. Philip rarely tells the classic tales; instead his repertoire is one of covenant anecdotes, both comic and tragic, aided by his skill at mimicing voices. Several apprentices, on less-than-legitimate visits to Bynnewalle tavern, have found that even the highfolk sometimes feature in his stories… and not always in the most respectful manner, either.

Philip is prematurely aged by an old wound that healed badly.

Age: 28 (Born A.D. 1192)
Decrepitude: 1


  • Reinforced Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5), Leather Cap (Load -.5) — covenant issue
  • Short Bow (Load -.5)
  • Dagger (Load 0.0)

Intelligence 0
Perception +1
Stamina 0
Strength 0
Presence 0
Communication -1
Dexterity +1
Quickness +1

Virtues / Flaws
+1 Above Average
+1 Mimicry
-2 Decrepit

Speak English (large vocabulary) 4
Carouse (storytelling) 2
Folk Ken (covenfolk) 3

Awareness (alterness) 3

Storytelling (improvisation) 4
Mimicry (voices) 2

Area Lore: Bynnewalle (personalities) 3.1
Legend Lore (Northumberland) 1

Brawl (dagger) 3
Bow (short bow) 6

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