Description: Reginald is a veteran of the Crusades. He developed nearly all his skills in the Holy Land. He is good-natured and shy, but sounds like a moron when he speaks. The other grogs sometimes make fun of him for sounding stupid. Most mages can't tell the difference - grogs aren't speaking Latin, so they all sound uneducated!

Reginald has brown hair, green eyes, and the fair skin of his native Albion. He is thankful to be back in his home lands, as he tended toward painful sunburns in the Levant.

Age: 30 (Born 1190 A.D.)


  • Leather Scale Hauberk (Load -2.0) — personal
  • Longsword (Load -.5)
  • Round Shield (Load -.5)

Intelligence 0
Perception -1 (Short-sighted)
Stamina 0
Strength +1 (Powerful)
Presence 0
Communication -1 (Thick accent)
Dexterity +1 (Well-trained)
Quickness 0

Custos +1
Tough +1
Veteran +1
Lost Love -1
Compulsion (Drinking) -1
Oversensitive (Disrespect to magi) -1

Speak English (??) 4
Carouse (Games of chance) 1
Folk Ken (Peasants) 3

Awareness (Sentry) 2
Athletics (Running) 3
Ride (Speed) 3
Hunt (Snares) 2
Survival (Temperate Forests) 2
Wagoneering (??) 1
Climb (??) 1

Craft: Masonry (directing others) 3.1
Chirurgy (Binding Wounds) 4.1
Scribe English (??) 1

Brawling (Fistfighting) 2
Single Weapon (Longsword) 6

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