Robert Tischler

Description: Robert grew up in a merchant family that saw the value of education. He did not get along well with his father, who frequently abused his employees and those he saw as being of "lesser station". Robert was mostly raised by those of "lesser station", and developed a fondness for them and the way they treated kids especially. He eventually entered an apprenticeship to a mason to piss off his father as much as he could - essentially wasting his education.

Robert is a typical fair-haired Englishman, blonde and blue-eyed with a laborer's tan.

Age: 28 (Born 1192 A.D.)


  • War Maul (Load -1.5)
  • Full Fur Armor (Load -2.5)

Intelligence -1 (Uncurious)
Perception -2 (Nearsighted)
Stamina 0
Strength 4 (Powerlifter)
Presence -1 (Huge)
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1 (Lumbering)

Virtues / Flaws
+1 Educated
+2 Great Strength
-2 Clumsy
-1 Weakness (Children)

Speak English 4
Speak Latin 3
Carouse 3
Leadership 3

Craft: Masonry 6
Scribe English 2
Scribe Latin 1
Concentration 2

Ride 2

Brawling (Fist/Kick) 1
Great Weapon (War Maul) 5

Personality Traits
Friendly (village children) 1

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