Description: Warin is an orphan, raised as a thief in Newcastle. His keen vision and sense for danger saw him usually posted as lookout while others more skilled than he did the actual thieving, and this is what saved him the night that the guards of a rich merchant caught his peers red-handed. Oh, Warin had warned them — something felt very wrong — but even their long experience with his hunches hadn't been able to overcome their greed.

Although he has been at Bynnewalle for several years, Warin keeps to himself amongst the covenfolk, convinced that they judge him harshly because of his background. The failure that drove him from Newcastle and his isolation at Bynnewalle have caused him to doubt himself and his abilities.

Actually, most of the covenfolk don't care at all about his background. But his breath, Lord protect us!

Age: 18 (Born 1202 A.D.)


  • Dagger (Load 0.0)
  • Throwing Knives (Load 0.0)
  • Shortbow (Load -.5) — belongs to the covenant
  • Mace (Load -.5) — belongs to the covenant
  • Heavy Leather Hauberk (Load -1.0), Leather Cap (Load -.5) — belongs to the covenant

Warin has passed up the regular covenant issue of metal-reinforced leather armor for plain leather, as the thought of the metal clinking or glinting makes him deeply uneasy — even though he's now on watch legitimately.

Intelligence 0
Perception 1
Stamina 1
Strength -1
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity 0
Quickness -1

Virtues / Flaws:
Keen Vision +1
Premonitions +1
Low Self-Esteem -1
Social Handicap (bad breath) -1

Speak English 4
Carouse (games of chance) 1
Folk Ken (thieves etc.) 2

Awareness (keeping watch) 3
Legerdemain (picking pockets) 2
Pick Locks (in darkness) 1
Swim (diving) 1
Boating (in darkness) 1

Area Lore: Newcastle (geography) 3
Area Lore: Bynnewalle (surrounding lands) 1

Brawling (daggers) 2
Single Weapon (Mace) 1
Thrown Weapon (knives) 3
Bows (short bow) 3

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