Description: William is a young man whose keen eyes and coordination have earned him a spot as an archer. Sadly, his eyes don’t always follow his better sense, and there was a bit of trouble involving a young woman already betrothed to a merchant. Nothing could be proven against William, but the merchant doesn’t feel the need for proof, and will try to make William pay dearly if he can do so without risking the wrath of the covenant’s highfolk.

Age: 17 (Born 1203 A.D.)


  • Short Bow (Load -.5) — belongs to the covenant?
  • Reinforced Leather Hauberk (Load -1.5), Leather Cap (Load -.5) — standard covenant issue

Intelligence 0
Perception +2
Stamina 0
Strength 0
Presence -1
Communication -2
Dexterity 0
Quickness +1

Virtues / Flaws:
Keen Vision +1
Enemy -1

Speak English 4
Carouse 2

Stealth 3
Awareness 2
Climb 2

Area Lore: Northern England (geography) 1

Brawl (fist/kick) 3
Bow (Short bow) 5

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