Auto Calculating Tables

Auto-calculating tables allow you to type less stuff and do less math. They are based on wikidot's include functionality, wikidot html blocks, and an incomplete slapdash knowledge of Javascript.

The format is pretty forgiving. You can put spaces around your =, you can put keys in whatever order you like, you can use as many lines or as few as you like. Every key must start with |, that's about it.

Arts Table

The arts table gives you all your Technique + Form combinations, plus Magic Resistance. It accounts for your Form specialty in Parma Magica, and any Magical Affinities you may have.
(It does not account for Knacks in Parma Magica or Affinity, which according to the Knack rules should be pretty rare anyway.)


Testmage ex Bonisagus has these Technique scores:
Creo 1, Intellego 2, Muto 3, Perdo 2, and Rego 1.
He has these Form scores:
Animal 1, Aquam 2, Auram 3, Corpus 4, Herbam 5, Ignem 5, Imaginem 4, Mentem 3, Terram 2, and Vim 1.
His Parma Magica score is 2, and he specializes his Parma in Ignem. His Parma is Flawed in Corpus.
Additionally, he has affinities with both Herbam and Muto, with scores of 2 and 3 respectively.

The code looks like this:

[[include inc:arts-table
| creo=1 | intellego = 2 |muto=3| perdo=2 | rego=1
| parma=2 | parma-spec=Vim | parma-flaw-corpus=yes
| animal=1 | aquam=2 | auram=3 | corpus=4 | herbam=5
| ignem=5 | imaginem=4 | mentem=3 | terram=2 | vim=1
| auram-affinity=2 | muto-affinity=3

If you have no affinities, you don't include any affinities. If your Parma is unflawed, include no flaws.


Combat Table

The combat table gives you all those handy combat scores — Initiative, Attack, etc. for as many as 5 weapons and 2 shields, plus a calculated Encumbrance score, plus a calculated Soak score which includes your armor protection.

  • Weapon Skill specialties are taken into account
  • Dodge specialty for Brawling is treated as adding to your defense total for all brawling weapons
  • Uses Combat Encumbrance as in Ordo Nobilis
  • Supports combat-relevant Virtues and Flaws: Tough, Quality Armaments (though not when repaired), Missing Eye, and Poor Eyesight
  • Supports all weapons in ArM4
  • Supports all armor in ArM4 except Lorica Segmenta (just ask!), at the values assigned by ON pg. 83
  • Supports all armor in ON. Coifs, cops, and mittens may be worn additionally.
  • Shields are handled as a separate line so you can add them to whatever single weapon you're using
  • Defense scores for ranged weapons remind you to use a Brawling defense instead… even for those few throwing weapons that actually have a defense score, whoops!
  • Need more weapon or shield rows? Have something else that you need factored in? Just ask!

Names: See the Reference section below. For armor, use the "armor" key for ArM4 armor (adjusted to Ordo Nobilis stats) and the other keys for Ordo Nobilis mix-and-match style armor.

I recommend that you always include Fist/Kick in your combat table, it being a method of combat you may have to fall back on if nothing else is available.


Testgrog has Brawling (Knives) 3 and Single Weapon (Axe) 2. All his characteristics are 0. He carries around his axe and knife, plus a buckler, and wears a heavy leather hauberk, so his load is -2.5. He is of average size, tough, and missing one eye. The code looks like this:

[[include inc:combat-table
| perception = 0 | strength=0 | stamina=0 | dexterity=0 | quickness=0
| load=-2.5 | size = 0 | armor=Heavy Leather Hauberk
| tough=yes | missing-eye=yes
| brawling=3 | single-weapon=2
| brawling-spec = Knife/Sap | single-weapon-spec=Axe
| weapon-1=Fist/Kick | weapon-2=Knife/Sap | weapon-3=Axe
| shield-1=Buckler

This has the advantage that if your load changes, you simply change the value here and the whole table will be recalculated.


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