Resources of the Covenant include:


The recovered texts of the Library.


As the Rector, Dalton is currently storing the covenant vis stores in his own sanctum.

13 pawns of Mentem vis, 11 in the form of small pieces of dehydrated brain in a jar, 2 as a bone fragment.

8 pawns of Ignem vis in the form of small bits of metal, generated by Ysle by burning a candle from Nicholas' laboratory.

12 pawns of Rego vis in the form of a small bit of metal, one generated by Ysle by burning a candle from Nicholas' laboratory, two in a finger from one of the people-sized shambling monsters, one in a burned finger-bone, one in another shard of bone, one in a plain finger-bone, one more from a bone from an undead monster, 4 more in bones, and 1 (infernally tainted) from the vampire.

4 pawns of Terram vis in the form of small stones, 3 1/2 of which are pledged towards the rebuilding of Condercum.

3 pawns of Imaginem vis in the form of small glass "stones".

3 pawns of Auram from rocks on the roof.

11 pawns of Corpus: two from the egg, one in a tooth, and 8 in more bones.

21 pawns of Vim: one in the form of a swarm of ladybugs. When the probably-Faerie representative of a Lady — with whom Old Bynnewalle seems to have had some agreement involving silver — left, he left behind a smith's hammer, which turned into these ladybugs when Atria touched it with her tongue. The ladybugs are kept in a jar with cloth over the opening, alive. Another, infernally tainted, from the vampire. 9 more are from the fragments of skeletons, killed at the covenant by blasting them through the Aegis. 7 chunks of mysterious metal, 3 pawns from Aite's extraction.

2 pawns of Perdo vis as bone fragments, and 1 pawn of Perdo vis, infernally tainted, from the vampire.

1 pawn of Muto vis as a bone fragment.

1 pawn of Animal as a bone fragment.

3 pawns of Aquam: two as fish bones, one from the moat source.

The highest roof seems to be a vis source. If loose rocks are left up there, one pawn of Auram will collect in them each season.

An egg in the Verditius laboratory that can accept (consume) 1 pawn of any vis, and thereafter produce 1 pawn of the same vis per season until a new type of vis is placed into it (causing it to begin producing that type instead). It originally produced Ignem; as of the beginning of Winter 1220, it produces Corpus, having consumed a pawn from one of the "big zombie monsters".

The deepest part of the moat generates 1 pawn of Aquam per season.

Ysle, unable to produce all the pawns of Ignem generated from the candle, owes the covenant one pawn of Ignem. The Council has voted to accept a pawn of Vim in its stead.

Enchanted Items

A device in the form of a siege engine found in Nicholas' laboratory which can project a wall of magical vibrational force.

A mask without eyeholes, found in Nicholas' laboratory. Currently in the possession of Ysle. Seems to give visions of what the wearer is about to do?

A gold ring with the Verditius rune for Ignem, found on Nicholas' corpse; created great heat when magic was used on it. Currently in the possession of Ysle. Absorbs metal and turns it into fire (heat). The fire can be returned by really wanting something to burn. May go off accidentally if it absorbs a lot of magic.

A pair of gloves that make all of the wearers senses improve, including touch. Currently in the possession of Sarah.

A helmet that seems to have some kinds of mental abilities. Briefly worn by Federico who was able to hear into the mind of someone ransacking the covenant, but was removed (and not used again) when said ransacker thought "someone is in my head!". In the Verditius lab basement.

A dagger removed from Nicholas' laboratory by Cuirc, confiscated by Sir Gregory, and returned to Dalton. Unknown ability; stored in the Verditius lab basement.

A cloak currently in the possession of Cuirc. Unknown ability — possibly Muto Animal. Cuirc tried to use it to turn into a bat, but it didn't work. In the possession of Cuirc.

A pair of boots that greatly increase the wearer's strength when in contact with the ground, but inhibit his/her ability to generate energy energy normally. They also cause the wearer to be burned by sunlight, and to undergo withdrawl when removed. In the Verditius lab basement.

A silver ring with a blue stone, currently in the possession of Cuirc. Unknown ability — possibly allowed Cuirc to see the entrance to Nicholas' basement, as well as the blue glow of the gloves, helmet, dagger, cloak, and boots. (Only she saw the glow.)

A case of swords with five spots, one empty:

  • A blade of stone: The stone sword tastes to Atria of not wanting to give up its secrets; obstinate. Ysle confirms that the magic of the sword was crafted to not give up its secrets. Nicolas thought it was amusing she was trying to investigate it, and called it Rak Kun. The holder feels grounded. When wielded offensively, the sword feels horribly unbalanced and unwieldy, like the stone it is. However, it appears to be quite excellent for defense.
  • A blade of obsidian: The obsidian sword tastes to Atria of wonderousness, almost like little shocks. Nicholas called it Majurakassi. He used to hold it when he needed a pick-me-up. When Ysle held it, her mind felt full of inspiration — so full that she had to get back to research and was distracted from asking Nicholas about the silver sword.
  • A blade of wood: When she tasted the wooden sword, she felt painfully thirsty; it tasted like the essence of necessity. Nicholas referred to the wooden sword as "Nasorak". He says Nasorak is particularly good against undead because it is imbued with life itself. It has owners it prefers — the current one seems to be Sarah. When an undead creature attacked Sarah, the sword seemed to break the lassitude she was suffering from and drove her to fight. It was quite effective at fighting the creature, slicing limbs off with ease.
  • A blade of silver: When Atria tasted the silver sword, she was startled, and could feel that the crafter was afraid while making it; the fear drove the craft. Nicholas named it Phobirak; Ysle was distracted before she could ask Nicholas about it. The wielder feels confidence (but not overconfidence), and his or her fears don't seem to matter much.

Kinsis claimed to be able to find the missing sword, but the old rusty sword he brought to the covenant was much too large to fit in the case (and did not match the style of the other swords.) Atria was really confused about what the final sword might be: water, sand, charcoal. Very ambivalent. Nicholas says the fifth is called Kasorlarak, and he suspects it might be crystal. He was collecting the set to investigate more methods of protecting the Order and destroying its enemies.

Three wooden bushels enchanted with The Assembly of the Salt of the Sea. They are quite mundane in appearance, save that the Verditius Runes for Rego and Terram are engraved on the sides. When activated (by tapping the top and saying "Collige"), any particles of salt within the bushel stick to one another. The effect lasts until the next sunrise or sunset, and may be activated twice per day. The bushels are not water tight — they are designed to be immersed in salt water to collect salt. One cake of salt produced by a bushel is worth about 20 Mythic pennies.

Other Items

A skull which radiates incapacitating waves of fear, partially shielded by a chest originally found in Asketil's sanctum. Aite discovered that the skull is an infernal artifact. Opening the chest seemed to trigger the rise of undead things in the ruined courtyard. The skull has been buried in the consecrated ground of Bynnewalle village's cemetery, and blessed by Baron Befarus' priest. One of Atria's dreams indicated that "the skulls are important".

A skull which radiates severe anger, partially shielded by a chest originally found in the vampire underground. This was blessed by Baron Befarus' priest and buried in the consecrated ground of his church. One of Atria's dreams indicated that "the skulls are important".

Yet another skull, this one which radiates possessiveness and greed, partially shielded by a chest originally found in the graveyard of the nearby town. Many bodies were found atop/around the chest, and when opened it triggered a fight as to who would gain control of the skull. When the chest was ripped from the ground by magic, it revealed what appears to have been a burial shaft. Atria's use of The Inexorable Search seems to indicate that the skull is that of Brangwyn. Since the last the characters knew, it was Brangwyn's magic that was animating and repairing the undead monstrosities, their continued presence is a mystery.

Items the covenant may want to create are on this list of Possible Devices.

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