James ex Flambeau

James ex Flambeau, known as James Smiley. He is More Awesome Than You.

Character Description

Born: 1201 A.D.


James is a young Jewish mage, born in Jamestown and named for the city's founder. He is tall and skinny, with brown hair and blue eyes.


Put any possessions beyond the clothes on your back here in a list, noting Load where appropriate:

  • Enchanted chair leg (Load -0.5), functions as a mace.
    Effect: The Rest of the Chair (MuTe 5 Touch/Conc/Small), unlimited uses, maintains concentration, governs the device alone.
    If you say "Chair" while touching the chair leg, it becomes a chair.
    You must concentrate at sunrise and sunset to maintain the effect.
    You may briefly concentrate to end the enchantment.
    Final Effect Level: 10

General Traits


Intelligence: 0
Perception: 0
Strength: 2
Stamina: 2
Dexterity: 0
Quickness: 1
Presence: 0
Communication: 0

Confidence: 3/3
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0


Magical Affinity: Ignem (+3)
James is attuned to Ignem magic. This gives him a special Arcane Talent, Affinity with Ignem, at an initial score of 1. He may add his Affinity score to all spell rolls and Lab Totals involving Ignem.
Quiet Magic (+2)
James may cast spells using only a soft voice at no penalty, and at only a -5 penalty if he does not speak at all. He gains no benefits from using his voice normally or using a booming voice.
Subtle Magic (+2)
James casts spells without using gestures at no penalty. He gains no benefits from using normal gestures.
Magic Item (+1)
James begins the game with his enchanted chair leg, which is a level 10 spell effect.
Fast Caster (+1)
James' grasp of magic allows him to cast spells faster than other mages. He gains +3 to his initiative in engagement contests.
Mastered Spells (+1)
James starts with 10 experience points in mastered spells.


Non-Spontaneity (-6)
James' magic is so strongly tied to the formulas and rituals of the Order of Hermes that he cannot cast spontaneous spells.
Minor Magical Deficiency: Vim (-2)
James has trouble casting magic with the Form of Vim. For any purpose other than studying Vim, his Vim score is divided by two.
Hedge Wizard (-1)
Because of his esoteric magic, other magi distrust James, and more importantly, grant him no respect. He starts with a negative Reputation within the Order of Hermes at level 3 as a hedge wizard, even though he is a member of the Order.
Infamous Master (-1)
James' master was a deeply eccentric Flambeau, held in contempt by his House and the Order. Most magi expect little better from him. Even if he's done nothing wrong, he is treated as though he doesn't deserve to be a member of the Order. He has a bad Reputation of the appropriate type at level 3 among magi.


Speak Latin (??) (5)
Speak American (??) (4)
Organization Lore: Order of Hermes (??) (1)
Scribe Latin (??) (2)
Affinity with Ignem (Light) (3)
Concentration (??) (3)
Magic Theory (??) (4)
Parma Magica (??) (3)
Penetration (??) (4)
Single Weapon (Mace / Enchanted chair leg) (4)
Brawling (Fist/Kick) (2)


James charges into combat and lays about him with his trusty enchanted chair leg.

Personality Traits

Only fights to battle music (+2)
Likes light (+3)
Manly (+3)


Hedge Wizard (Hermetic Magi) (+3)
Crazy (Hermetic Magi, especially Flambeau) (+3)

Hermetic Traits

James Smiley is ALL ABOUT LIGHT.

Concentration: 3
Fast-Cast Speed: 4
Twilight Points: 0

Magic Arts

James has 9 points towards the next level of Creo, and 9 points towards the next level of Ignem.

Wizard's Sigil

Describe your casting sigil.
Describe your voting sigil.


James Smiley's spell collection is ALL ABOUT LIGHT.

Blinding Flash (CrIg 15) (28)
R: Near, D: Mom, T: Small
Aimed: -3 (Targeting Total -3)
Spell Focus: Flint (+1)
Mastered: 3/3
A brilliant flash of light explodes in the air at a designated point within Near range. If you target a person's face (requires a Targeting roll), the target needs a Stamina stress roll of 9+ to avoid temporary blindness. If the target botches the roll, he is permanently blinded. If temporarily blinded, he can try to make a simple Stamina roll of 9+ each minute (3 to 12 rounds of combat) to recover. The flash is equivalent to looking straight at the sun. (Flash of the Scarlet Flames… but not scarlet)
Beam of Light (CrIg 20) (28)
R: Near, D: Conc, T: Small
Aimed: -3 (Targeting Total -3)
Mastered: 2/4
Creates a beam of light as bright as sunlight, stretching from you to a target in Near range, about as thick as your finger. If it bounces off a mirror in Near range it may extend beyond Near range.
Burst of Light (CrIg 25) (28)
R: Near, D: Mom, T: Room
Spell Focus: A Yellow Diamond (+3)
Mastered: 5/5
Creates a momentary burst of sunlight centered around a target in Near range, enough to illuminate a room or an area of about 5 paces across when outside. The yellow diamond has associations with the sun. (Base 15: +2 magnitude Room)
Sunlight (CrIg 30) (28)
R: Near, D: Conc, T: Room
Spell Focus: A Yellow Diamond (+3)
Mastered: 0/6
Creates a burst of sunlight centered around a target in Near range, which is sustained as long as you concentrate on it. The light is enough to illuminate a room or an area of about 5 paces across when outside. The yellow diamond has associations with the sun. (Base 15: +1 Conc, +2 Room)
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