Bynnewalle Village - Founded in 1050, this village has gradually grown up next to the covenant. It is technically part of the Barony of Belbec, but the Baron has had little interaction with the villagers, most likely due to a deal setup with the magi. In modern times, the village is known as Benwell and it has become a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bynnewalle Silver Mine - A silvermine owned by the magi of Bynnewalle and run by hired help. Approximately one-half mile west of the covenant.

Hadrian's Wall - A wall in northern England built by the Roman Emperor Handrian beginning in the year 122 A.D., with the goal of defending against the Scots. The wall is located less than 1/2 mile north of the covenant.

The Condercum Fortress - The closest fort on Hadrian's wall to Bynnewalle. Tyceline ex Criamon has restored it and was using it as her sanctum until it was recently turned to salt.

Newcastle - located a bit over 2 miles to the east of the covenant, a small port town.

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