Player E-Mail Mage Companion
Charles Ofria ofria -AT- Storyguide
Nathan Burroughs naburroughs -AT- Edmund ex Miscellanea Guy de Coucy
Rose Canino-Koning rosiec -AT- Atria ex Miscellanea Sarah
Mike Robinson robins80 -AT- Cornelius ex Jerbiton Sextus
Bess Walker blwalker -AT- Ysle ex Verditius Marsilia de Palermo
Marc Wiseman wisemanmarc -AT- Fergus Ex Bjornaer
Mike Wiser mwiser -AT- Isaiah ex Bonisagus John

Former Players:

Player Mage Companion
Evan DeBack Tristan n/a
Kaben Nanlohy Aite ex Criamon Cuirc
Owen Pierce Dalton ex Guernicus Federico di Firenze
James (Ivan) Stadler Guillaume ex Flambeau Guy de Coucy
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