Possible Devices

One way to meet the Seasons of Service requirement for the covenant is to create magical devices that can become part of the communal property. Collected here are some that we feel may be of general use; as you page through the spells and spell guidelines in ArM4, others may suggest themselves to you — feel free to add them!

Although in general Ysle, as a Verditius, is a good choice for making devices quickly, she may not always be the best choice. Moreover, the best choice to make a certain device may not be available. Therefore, for each device I have recorded several magi who are good choices, including their lab totals. Lab totals assume no experimentation, no Form and Effect boni (and thus no assumption about form and material, so no Mage-Smith bonus), no Verditius runes, etc. These can sometimes add significantly, so magi on the edge of being able to create lesser devices may actually be able to do so if some of the extras are incorporated. Likewise, adjusting effect modifiers can bring an effect into range.

In the covenant's current state — lots of things to do, not much vis — it's probably best that we stick to items which can be created as lesser enchanted devices. These take only one season to make, and since the item does not have to be opened for enchantment, can cost significantly less vis.

If no-one can reach at least the effect level + 1, that device is impossible for us to make with the effect modifiers given. (Peering at the source of the page will show you the calculations.)

A note on adapting spell effects from spells: The device is the caster, not the person using the device. Thus, Personal range is applicable only for effects that affect the device itself.


Perdo Animal

Rego Animal


Intellego Aquam

Muto Aquam

Rego Aquam


Creo Auram

Intellego Auram

Perdo Auram


Creo Corpus

Muto Corpus

Perdo Corpus

Rego Corpus


Intellego Herbam

Rego Herbam


Creo Ignem

Muto Ignem

Perdo Ignem


Intellego Imaginem

Muto Imaginem


Intellego Mentem

Rego Mentem


Intellego Terram

Muto Terram

Perdo Terram

Rego Terram


Intellego Vim

Muto Vim

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