Session 1

Summary of First Session

Please feel free to add more details to this!! I wrote this document mostly stream-of-consciousness, so it's not necessarily very good.

Date of Event: February 27, 2010

Date in Game: January 17, 1220 (beginning in the early morning)

Scene I: Ebonhart Covenant, Utrecht (home covenant to Lucian ex Guernicus)
Lucian has assembled a group to investigate the fall of the Bynnewalle Covenant. They include:

  • Dalton ex Guernicus, the lead investigator on the mission who Lucian was evaluating
  • Isaiah ex Bonisagus, a former resident of the fallen covenant
  • Ysle ex Verditius, grand fila to Nicholas, an Archmage at Bynnewalle.
  • Guillaume ex Flambeau, and master of combat arts, for defense.
  • Cornelius ex Jerbiton, a merchant's son, and his mundane brother Sextus (included for political reasons)
  • Atria ex Miscellanea, a witch who had reported visions of the covenant falling and spreading darkness, and her companion John, a woodsman.
  • Marsilia de Palermo, a translator
  • Frederico

The group questioned Garitus ex Mercere, and then left to investigate the situation for themselves. They traveled by magically propelled boat to Newcastle and follow the Tyne to their destination. They discussed where to head first: the fallen covenant, the silver mine where the covenant's inhabitants were now hiding out, or the fortress of Condercum where one of the mages, Tyceline, made her home. They decided upon the last rather than chance her wrath.

Scene II: The Condercum fortress in Hadrian's wall (sanctum of Tyceline).
The fortress had turned to salt, and was slowly deteriorating in the weather. After some difficulty making it through the now-salt door, the group found Tyceline's sanctum, where she appeared to be made of solid silver with a look of surprise frozen on her face. Her apprentice, Jacob, had been turned to salt along with everything else. The group ascertained that Tyceline was trapped in twilight, and (with Lucian's help) they transformed Jacob back to flesh and started nursing him back to health. They left without much further search in order to make good use of the remaining daylight.

Scene III: The Silver Mine
On the way, the group met up with three more companions:

  • Guy, a hedge-knight who had worked for Gavin ex Jerbiton
  • Sarah, Guy's charge
  • Cuirc a strange diminutive lady seeking out a magus she claims to be her lover.

At the mine, they met up with a group of former covenant residents, but no magi. The de facto leader was Tristan who, in his 14th year of his apprenticeship, has some reasonably strong magical skills. They have been attacked each night by an handful of zombie-like creatures. It hasn't been easy, but they have been holding them off, though building up injuries. The previous night Tristan's leg was wounded.

Scene IV: The Fallen Covenant of Bynnewalle
Ysle and Cornelius lead a group (including Sextus, John, Frederico, Guy, Sarah, Cuirc, and the grog Henry from Bynnewalle) to the covenant itself and cautiously head inside. After exploring part of the first floor (and finding Ncholas' sanctum sealed) they move up to the second floor to find access to Asketil's sanctum, along with those of Brangwyn & Ambrose. Asketil's sanctum is less trashed than the rest of the covenant, but has clearly been searched, with many items removed. One item remaining is a chest, which, when opened, sends a wave of fear across the party. Shortly thereafter zombie-like creatures show up, and are held off by Corneleous and Frederico. The group decides to shove the chest down the stairs to push the "zombies" out of the way, but this action also causes it to break open sending intense, continuous waves of fear across the party. To escape, Sarah and Guy break a ladder off the wall and hook it out the window. As Guy climbs down, he finds a window to Nicholas' sealed-laboratory and climbs in despite a terrible smell. Inside he find Nicholas' dead body, along with many other treasures. The rest of the party soon climbs down to join him. When they search Nicholas' corpse, they find two rings and a cloak, all of which appear magical. One ring grew hot when Ysle tried to magically investigate it, but cooled off when it was removed from Nicholas' finger. The other ring flashed blue when the first ring was removed from Nicholas' hand. Nicholas' decomposition made the cloak something the party did not want to further investigate. Cuirc put on the second ring and with it (and a perception roll of 32!) was able to spot a dim glow coming through the floor. She followed the glow to locate a trap door and a basement laboratory below that contained a number of magic items from which the glow was emanating. She paid special interest in a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, a helmet, a cloak, and a very short sword. Frederico put on the helmet and was able to hear whispers, some of which he was able to resolve into words indicating that someone was search for books and that they were very upset at Gavin. After he heard "Someone is in my head!" he rapidly removed the helmet. Also in the basement was someone chained to the wall that could have been one of the zombie-like creatures (he was extremely emaciated), but when Sarah went up to him, his eyes snapped open to stare right at her…

Isaiah's account

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