Session 2

Summary of Second Session

Date of Event: March 27, 2010

Date in Game: January 17, 1220 (beginning mid-afternoon)

Scene I: The Silver Mine

The magi Atria, Dalton, Guillaume, and Isaiah, along with their companion Marsilia question the survivors of the attack on Bynnewalle covenant while Lucian watches in a mostly bored manner. They discover that whatever attacked the covenant came on as a surprise and they were all told to flee. None who stayed behind to fight made it out alive. Little information is available about who actually launched the attack or how they made it around the Bynnewalle defenses, which were thought to be significant. Isaiah continues to do what he can for the injured. Atria has some of the covenfolk dig up the body of one of their attackers, but is unable to call forth its soul. She divines that the body has been without a soul for a week, give or take, even though it had been "killed" only the prior night. The magi spend the remainder of the day and into the evening preparing defenses for the silver mine in case there is another attack. Once night falls, they worry about their comrades plan to take shifts until morning.

Scene II: Nicholas' Sub-Laboratory, Bynnewalle Covenant

Magi Cornelius and Ysle with companions Cuirc, Federico, Guy, John, Sarah, and Sextus continue to explore a secret portion of Nicholas' laboratory, hidden under his main lab. They decide to try to hide out here with the hopes that the people (or creatures?) searching the covenant will not discover them.

In further searching of this room, the party discovers a wealth of laboratory equipment, a book of spells by Brangwyn, and various items that appear to be magical (though no doubt there is much more to turn up with a more systematic search). New magical items uncovered include a miniature siege engine, a large stone egg, a case of swords (including ones made of stone, obsidian, wood, silvery metal, and one empty spot), and a mask with no eyeholes. Unlike the first batch of items found down here by Cuirc, the party did not immediately try to use these. The one incident with an item occurred when Cornelius read a loose page and it bursts into flames, starting a magical fire that a Perdo Ignem spell was needed to extinguish.

The other notable item in the hidden laboratory was a cage containing a creature that looked similar to those the party had been attacked by, albeit with slightly more flesh on his bones (though still skinny). The creature stirred slowly, but once it did it displayed a limited ability with language and its main interests were its hunger and desire for freedom. It displayed no interest in the bread offered to it, and complained that the dried meat was not fresh, but perked up notably when Cuirc spit John's blood into the cage; she had bitten him on the ear when he was ignoring her. Inspired, Cornelius conjured mice for the creature, who calls himself Kinsis, but these provided little blood and clearly weren't satisfying it. During the fire distraction Cuirc cut herself with her found dagger — which strangely numbed the cut had but made the hand holding the dagger feel a flow of energy come into it. She collects the blood in a small vial and tosses the vial to Kinsis, who seems to appreciate it far more than he did any of the mice.

The group ponders the nature and location of the missing sword, and Kinsis claims that he can help them find it. Wanting this sword (and the sounds from the rest of the covenant having ceased) they decide to find out if Kinsis can really help them find it. They bind his hands together with a found piece of metal crafted into manacles and then pick the lock on his cage and use magic to break the magical chain binding him to the wall. The moment he steps from the cage, he tries to make a break for it, leaping up the stairs, but he finds his way blocked by a closed trap door. Ramming into it does not free Kinsis, but Federico slips by him to release the latch and open the door. With that, Kinsis leaps into the room above, and then out the window to freedom.

Deciding there is no longer a reason to stay, the party lowers a set of ladders out the window and they all climb out. As soon as they start to leave the covenant grounds, however, they are attacked by a 12' to 14' tall creature made of mis-matched bone and muscle that clearly does not look human at all…

Interlude: The Silver Mine

Atria snaps awake from a dream, shouting that the group sent to the covenant is under attack, (and most notably her friend John). Her dream told part of the story of the fall of the covenant, apparently from Brangwyn's perspective, ending with a fight scene that turned into the one that was ongoing. Isaiah and Guillaume borrow Lucian's horse and race toward the action…

Scene III: In Front of the Bynnewalle Covenant

The party piles on the creature, each fighting for all they are worth. The creature is powerful, but slow and somewhat clumsy, so it begins having parts hacked off. Before it can be taken down completely, however, it manages to crush one of Federico's legs. Fortunately Isaiah arrives soon enough to help Federico and temporarily heals him so that the group as a whole can get back to the silver mine.

Before leaving the fallen creature, Ysle scans it for Vis and manages to recover six pawns out of it — three of Rego and three of Corpus; clearly a remnant from the magic that was holding this creature together.

The group arrive back at the silver mine and once inside collapse into makeshift beds that Glenda and Jane were kind enough to setup for them. Morning comes all too soon.

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