Session 3

Summary of Third Session

//Very rough! Please edit… Also, this time I'm breaking the summary up by plot thread, rather than by scene. //

Date of Event: April 24, 2010

Date in Game: January 18, 1220 (beginning early morning)

Plot I: Return to Bynnewalle

Dalton rallies the troops, determined to take back the covenant for real. He, Ysle, Cornelius, Isaiah, and Atria travel there with companions Guy and Sarah, and grog Simon, while John and grog Jane hunt for missing horses. When they arrive at the covenant, they find a group of armed representatives working for Lord Alvin Berferus, the Baron of Belbec, battling with two unknown magi, apparently for control of the covenant. After initial misunderstandings, the party subdued both groups and began discussions. The magi were from a neighboring covenant, apparently trying to plunder what remained of Bynnewalle, but were driven off. Alas, the party did not discover their names or exactly which covenant they were from. The Baron's men had injured to deal with (which Isaiah helped with) and some of their number escaped, returning later with a group of full knights. The knights were clearly unhappy with the violence that transpired (and seemed generally uncomfortable with magi living on their lands), but left peaceably after Dalton and Cornelius promised to show up at the Barony at noon, three days hence.

Plot II: The Binding of Nicholas

Upon entering the covenant, the party found three items just inside the front door: a huge iron sword (slightly rusted), a pair of makeshift handcuffs, and a large heart, presumably from a cow.

The party scouted the covenant and re-entered Nicholas laboratory (after a few mis-steps, including a levitation spell ending suddenly when Simon touched the window causing him to plummet and sustain serious injury). Inside they cast a spell to speak to Nicholas' ghost (which first requires his cloak to be removed — an unpleasant process given the state of decay of his body), and he convinces them that he wants to be able to stay around longer. He directs them to a powder in his laboratory which they pour on him. After using up about 3/4's of the powder, Nicholas comments "Eh - that should be good. And there's at least a rook of it left to save". Nicholas seems to feel much better after this process and is anxious to make a deal to help the party in exchange for them helping restore him to life.

Plot III: Hunting Horses

John and Jane quickly pick up the trail of the horses and follow them for much of the morning. They find two of the mares and bring them back to the silver mine. During the return trip, they encounter an extra set of tracks heading off toward the Condercom fortress (and home to Tyceline), but decide to get reinforcements before investigating.

Plot IV: Tyceline's Return

While the party is dealing with the Knights and Nicholas, Tyceline returns riding on a huge mound of flowing earth with another magus next to her and a handful of companions following behind on horseback. The magus turns out to be Aite, who somehow freed her and whose orders she seems to be reluctantly following. (more to follow)

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