Session 4

The characters attempt to interrogate Nicholas' ghost, but he stonewalls them on important information wanting something in return — mostly he is interested in getting help to build himself a new body. He doesn't trust anyone but himself, so he really wants someone with the gift to let him possess their body.

Next, the characters split their forces so that some of them collect all of the supplies that had been moved to the Silvermine, while the remainder continue to explore the covenant and work to bolster the defenses. Nicolas provides a magical miniature siege engine, but refuses to reveal how it is activated (he claims that he will be able to activate it as needed). The siege engine creates a vibrational force that can tear down a wall, but it can also be used in the place of a wall for defensive purposes as anything alive would be damaged horribly trying to pass through it.

Cuirc takes it upon herself to explore Brangwyn's sanctum, the last major unexplored sanctum (other than some regions of the covenant that the players do not know how to access.) Brangwyn focused on blood magic so she always kept many animals in her sanctum; most of these were dead, locked in cages. Still alive was a small rodent — Brangwyn's familiar who was able to ask in her voice "WHO DARES ENTER MY SANCTUM??" — and a strange cat-like creature who seems to be feeding on the other bodies. Cuirc finds them proper food and sets to making friends.

As night falls, the more vulnerable covenant members are placed in a secure location while others take shifts standing guard. The covenant remains safe, but Vivianna wakes up the sleeping members to let them know that Condercum is under attack. Aite recruits Guillaume and John to travel there with him and find out what's wrong. They find two of the huge undead creatures that they encountered before tearing apart the walls, with others (human-sized) inside, apparently attempting to loot the salt structure. They defeat the creature by shattering their limbs (Guillaume's magic) and tricking them into fighting with each other (Aite). They end up in a standoff with the Necromancer and convince him to leave empty-handed, but unharmed.

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