Session 5

Date in Game: January 21st

Dalton and Cornelious visit the Baron's house (joined by John and Andrew) on the day they promised to be there, while the remaining magi cast an Aegis of the Hearth on the Covenant.

Baron Alvin Beferus proves to be more friendly than the magi expected, though they magi did use spells to give themselves higher presence. During the visit they also meet Sir Gregory again, a very protective knight who seems distrustful of the players, and Emryst the Preeminent, the baron's "Court Magician" who claims to not be part of the Order of Hermes. While waiting for dinner, Emryst asks his "colleagues" to come join him in his study where they are shocked to find another guest: Asketil ex Tremere, now having been turned into a vampire.

Asketil initially appears to be a corpse, but struggles to overcome the daytime and holds a conversation with the visitors. He explains that he discovered Nicholas' dealing with vampires and tried to track them back to their source, but in the process he himself was captured by a relatively powerful vampire there and turned into one himself. During the day he can overcome his new Master's will, but at night he must do his full bidding, and has trouble even keeping secrets from him. Asketil was the reason the covenant fell; he was forced to betray the other magi, sabotaging Tyceline's ritual and destroying the protections on the covenant. He also captured Brangwyn (who his master still has) and Gavin (who escaped, but only after losing his gift in a ritual). He tells the magi that there are three of Gavin's books that his Master is after, that would have the power to destroy him. Dalton attempts to deceive Aketil, claiming that one of the books is at Burnham covenant to throw him off the track.

Cuirc also snuck along to follow the group. She spends the day carousing in the Tavern outside of the Baron's manner house, playing music for tips. She gains a small pot of money and a good amount of information about the local townsfolk that might prove useful later. She donates the money to the Innkeeper's wife to help the refugees with. The wife put's Cuirc in her daughter's bedroom so that she has some place to spend the night. However in the middle of the night Cuirc awakes to here the daughter screaming. The screaming stops suddenly and Cuirc sees a clawed hand clamped over the daughter's mouth, and Kinsis leaning over the bed. He has a large, bloody heart in his hand that he offers to Cuirc while saying "Soon Kinsis will win your heart".

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