Sextus Quince

Sextus is an intelligent young man, astute in matters of law and society.

The Council intends to offer him the position of Autocrat once he is recovered from his boot withdrawal.

Character Description

Born: A.D. 1198


Sextus is the younger brother of Cornelius ex Jerbiton. Sextus is the sixth son of Augustus Quince. Sextus has always looked up to his older brother, admiring Cornelius' no-nonsense take on life. Augustus had intended for Sextus to study law and become the family's legal representative. Once Sextus went to Oxford, he began to hang out with Cornelius and their great Uncle. Sextus lost his eye in a duel with another student over the affections of a local barmaid. After Cornelius passed his gauntlet, Sextus decided to accompany Cornelius on his journeys.


  • Leather Scale Hauberk (Load -2.0)
  • Dagger (Load 0)
  • Dagger (Load 0)

General Traits


Intelligence: +1 (Smart)
Perception: +1 (Observant)
Strength: -1 (Weak)
Stamina: 0
Dexterity: +1 (Lithe)
Quickness: -1 (Slow)
Presence: +2 (Gracious)
Communication: +2 (Orator)

Confidence: 3/3
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0


Educated (1)
You have been educated to a level equivalent to that of a Grammar School. You have a score of 3 in Speak Latin and 1 in Scribe Latin, and may purchase Academic Knowledge or Skills at character generation. You are at least 17 years old.
Social Contacts (Merchants) (1)
You have a broad range of acquaintances in a specific social circle (specified when this Virtue is purchased), accumulated over years of travel and socializing. Almost everywhere you go, you meet someone you know, or can get in touch with someone who can help you. Whenever you are somewhere new, you can contact someone on a simple Presence roll of 6+. The Storyguide may modify this target number upward for very small areas or areas where it is extremely unlikely that you would know someone. You may purchase this Virtue more than once, each time specifying a different social group.
Inspirational (1)
You are a stirring speaker or a heroic figure, and can urge people to great efforts. You give targets a +3 bonus to rolls for appropriate Personality Traits, and +3 to natural resistance rolls versus certain spells that effect the mind.
Piercing Gaze (2)
By staring intently at people you make them feel uneasy, as if you are peering into their souls. Those with ulterior motives, uneasy consciences, or lying tongues must make rolls against an appropriate Personality Trait, Guile, or whatever the Storyguide deems appropriate, to remain calm. Furthermore, you gain a +3 to rolls involving intimidation. Faeries and demons are unfazed by your power.


Missing Eye (-1)
You cannot judge close distances easily and get -3 on Attack rolls for missiles. In melee combat you suffer -1 on Attack rolls because your field of vision is limited. You also have a blind side from which people can approach unseen.
Compulsion (Sex) (-1)
You have an unfortunate urge that causes you problems.
Overconfident (-2)
You have an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of your capabilities, and you do not hesitate to try things that promise only defeat. If you are convincing in your speech, you can infect others with your overconfidence. You gain the Personality Trait Overconfident at +3.
Deep Sleeper (-1)
When you sleep, you don’t go halfway. You can sleep through loud noises and generally only wake up when shaken, or when good and ready. Even then you suffer –3 on your rolls for half an hour or so after awakening, and you’re likely to head back to bed if at all possible.


Speak English (??) 5
Fluency in a particular language. Rather than roll a die modifier, your score in this language measures your ability to communicate. When two people speak to each other, the lower Ability score determines how well they communicate. Characters who speak related languages can communicate at a penalty to their scores (assigned by the Storyguide) depending on how closely related the two languages are. Speak Latin (and Greek and Hebrew) cannot be chosen with this Knowledge — it is a separate Academic Knowledge. (Intelligence)
Speak Latin (??) (3)
This skill is similar to all other Speak (Language) skills, but it is only available to educated characters. Characters who have associated with magi for long periods of time may have picked up Speak Latin with the Storyguide's permission. All educated characters know Latin, since without it you cannot learn any Academic Knowledges. In other areas of the world, Greek and Hebrew may fill similar functions. Characters with foreign backgrounds may choose either of these instead of Latin. (Intelligence)
Carouse (Stay sober) (1)
The ability to enjoy oneself without suffering adverse affects. A person with this skill can, for example, consume prodigious amounts of alcohol without passing out. The skill also covers a familiarity with acceptable behavior, balancing enjoyment and moderation. With this Skill, a person is able to have fun and gain friends among the lower classes nearly anywhere, even among those of a different culture. (Stamina, Concentration)
Charm (First impressions) (2.2.5)
Enticing, fascinating, and endearing others to you, but only on a personal basis. It can be used to win someone over emotionally, especially members of the opposite sex. (Presence)
Bargain (Hard sell) (2)
The know-how to get the greatest return for a service or product, while paying the least. It involves reading the person with whom you haggle, a general knowledge of the value of goods, and presenting yourself in certain ways. A good haggler can easily overcome resistance in an inexperienced customer and see through attempts to over-value most merchandise. (Presence, Communication)
Leadership (Intimidation) (3)
Getting people to obey your orders and to follow you. Can also be used to inspire fear in others, cowing them into submission. (Presence)
Awareness (Alertness) (1)
Noticing things, be they things you are looking for or things that you are not aware of. It is also used to see how alert you are in circumstances that require watchfulness. (Perception)
Ride (Speed) (1)
Riding and controlling a horse, especially under stress. (Dexterity, Strength)
Scribe Latin (??) (1)
The Scribe skill covers the basic ability to read and write, and also the ability to compose a letter, charter, or book. In Western Europe, the Roman alphabet is used for most languages. Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic script are used in other areas. Scribe skill must be purchased separately for each language or alphabet you wish to be proficient in. (Intelligence)
Forgery (Legal documents) (2)
Forging documents and wax seals. Scribe helps but is not always a requirement — the Storyguide must be the judge of when Scribe is required. Successful reproduction of a person's handwriting and style is tricky — it takes a roll of 12+ to forge a missive from a baron to his loyal vassal, but only if you have a sample letter. (Communication, Intelligence)
Disputatio (Debate) (3)
Disputatio is the skill of participating in formal debate. In the medieval period this is used as a teaching technique as well as a technique of debate. A disputation is a formal event. One person proposes a thesis, and gives one or more arguments in its favor. Another person rebuts those arguments, and proposes arguments against the thesis. The first person responds, and the process continues until either a decision is reached or everyone gets bored. Disputatio is only useful in a formal situation, and its use will only impress the educated. It is quite useful as a one-on-one teaching method. (Communication)
Civil & Canon Law (English Law) (1)
Civil Law is the law of the Roman Empire. Most local legal systems are based upon it (England being the notable exception), and when a law is needed to govern inernational relations, Civil law is appealed to. The authority is Justinian's Digest. Canon Law is the law of the Church. It is imporant to Mythic Europe as it applies in all nations, governing the working of the church and some other areaschsu , as marriage. It is important to note that members of the clergy are only subject to canon law, not customary or civil law. Most high churchmen are skilled canonists, not theologians. Canon Law is made by Papal bulls (pronouncements), but the auctor is Gratian, in his Decretum. This skills covers the knowledge of both types of law. (Intelligence)
Organization Lore: Bynnewalle (1)
Knowledge of the structure, operation, and goals of the specified organization. Organizations can be as large as the Church, or as small as a local craft guild. The smaller the organization, the more detailed your knowledge.
Brawling (Dagger) (5)
Brawling covers fist fighting, using knives and daggers, and improvising weapons. It also covers the ability to dodge incoming blows.
Two Weapons (Dagger/Dagger) (4.0)
The skill of using two single weapons, one in each hand. This includes Florentine style, double ax, and many other combinations.


Despite his missing eye, Sextus can handle his daggers fairly well.

Personality Traits

Overconfident (3)
Political (2)


?? (European Merchants) (2)
?? (Politicos) (1)
Tokens: 1

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