Spring 1220

Magi Activities

Atria: Searching for vis source
Cornelius: Study terram
Edmund: Recruit; Complete Tristan's training
Isaiah: Study from Vim summa
Ysle: Inventing Hornet Fire (pg. 137) + tiny MuIg spell
Aite: Extract Vis
Tristan: Being trained by Edmund

Companion Activities

-Federico: Learning hunt from John
-Guy: Practice crossbow
-John: Training Federico in hunt
Marsilia: Translate second volume of Animalia Asiaticans: Study Total (Int 2 + Conc 0 + Qual 10) = 12 : 3pts Herbalism
- abandoned for translating Yylith Mastery
-Sarah: Practice athletics


Viviana: fix up Condercum

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