The Faithful Lamp

A tiny hexagonal lamp made of intricate silver filigree with tiny glass panes. Two adjacent sides display the Verditius Runes of Creo and Ignem; the opposite two sides display the runes of Rego and Terram. It creates light without flame and moves around as directed.

The light effect is activated by touching the lamp and saying "Lumen". The user may concentrate to adjust the level of the light or to turn it off. (At sunrise and sunset, some concentration is required to keep the effect going if so desired.) The movement effect is always on; the user may concentrate to direct the lamp (including directing it to be still).

Ysle ex Verditius created it as her gauntlet — it shows off her craft skills, her enchanting skills, and some of the Arts in which she is skilled. As tradition dictates, she gave it to her pater, Denuo ex Verditius — who had after all supplied the vis and silver! He finds it handy for studying his extensive collection of lab notes without exposing them to the danger of flame, and for midnight trips to the library to look up some obscure point of Magic Theory. New grogs at Celliwig Covenant are often startled to see the tiny lamp come floating around a corner, lighting the hallway and followed by a muttering magus.

Because of the nature of Denuo's interests, Ysle left her lab notes for this item at Celliwig so that he could have a copy made for his collection. He expects to send her the original as soon as he has word that she has established herself somewhere.

Lamp without Flame (10) R:Touch D:Conc T:Room
- Fifty uses per day, maintains concentration (+11)
Control or move metal (15) R:Near D:Conc T:Small
- Constant use, maintains concentration (+10)
- Effect governs the device alone (/2)

Material: Silver
Size: Tiny

Crafted, Instilled with 6 pawns of Vim vis - 1 season

Invested with Lamp without Flame - Effect Level 21 - 1 season
Lab Total: Creo + Ignem + Intelligence + Magic Theory + F&E Bonus + Aura + Inventive Genius + Mage-Smith + Verditius Magic + Verditius Runes Creo and Ignem = 5 + 5 + 2 + 5(+1) + 7 (lamp) + 4 + 3 + 2(+1)(+1) + 4(+1) + 3 = 44
Used 3 pawns of space, invested with 3 pawns of Ignem vis

Invested with Rego Terram Effect - Effect Level 13 - 1 season
Lab Total = Rego + Terram + Intelligence + Magic Theory + F&E Bonus + Aura + Inventive Genius + Mage-Smith + Verditius Magic + Verditius Runes Rego and Terram = 4 + 7 + 2 + 5(+1) + 0 + 4 + 3 + 2(+1)(+1) + 4 + 3 = 37
Used 2 pawns of space, invested with 2 pawns of Terram vis

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