History of the Order

Date Event
767 A.D. Founding of the Order of Hermes
817 Ex Misc added as a house
848 Tremere tries to take over the Order
961 Purging of Tytalus for diabolism
968 Bynnewalle Covenant founded by group of Flambeau magi on frontier of the Order
1003-12 Schism War
1018 Truce between Order and Jewish magi
1018 Bynnewalle Covenant re-purposed to hunt down Diedne who have fled to British Isles
1020-50 Bynnewalle village forms up near covenant
1059 Nicholas joins covenant to help with “war” effort – starts inflow of other houses
1066 William Conquers Brittan
1195 Previous Grand Tribunal
1214 Previous Stonehenge tribunal

Recent History

Date Event
Jan 3, 1220 Event at covenant that caused many to flee.
Jan 10 Garitus ex Mercere discovers fallen covenant.
Jan 17 Start of Game.
Jan 21 Cornelius and Dalton meet with Baron Beferus.
Jan 22 Covenant Charter is signed.
Jan 23 Winter 1220 season begins.
March 13 Spring Equinox.
April 17 Spring 1220 season begins.
April 27 Searching for Brangwyn, members of the covenant discover a ruined town, another infernal skull, and a baby boy.
May 1 The covenant is visited by a "negotiator".
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