Winter 1220

Magi Activities

Atria: Prospecting for vis sources
Cornelius: Working on getting concessions for the silver mine and any other financial contacts for the covenant (work with Burnham & Barron).
Dalton: Studying from Encyclopedia Elementus Volume 1, 2 (int) + 2 (conc) + 7 (quality) = 11 Auram exp
Isaiah: Invent a Longevity potion for Atria by experimenting. Fun things happen.
Ysle: Season of service: create seasalt-collectors

Aite: Fix up Condercum
Jacob: Fix up Condercum
Tristan: Study

Companion Activities

Federico: Hunting for the Covenant… or learning to, anyway.
Guy: Help train Sarah and practice with other knights
John: Care for the animals and scout the nearby wilderness; hunting
Marsilia: Reading the first volume of Animalia Asiaticans — 2xp in Animal Lore: Asia
Sarah: Train with Sir Gregory
Sextus: Recover from boot addiction, help Cornelius in his tasks and learn the duties of the autocrat.


Turb: Variously rebuilding, hunting, and traveling with Cornelius
Covenfolk: Domestic and rebuilding activities

Events of the Season

  • The players bury the two chests (one radiating Anger, near New Castle, and the other radiating Fear near Bynnewalle). In each case by the end of the season, the cemeteries they are buried in have their grave markers starting to decay unnaturally quickly.
  • Cornelius sells Jacob (Tyceline's former apprentice) to Burnham covenant for 10 pawns of vis.
  • The covenant manages to gain enough food with a delicate balance of help from the baron, rationing, and hunting. Plans proceed to extract salt from the ocean water in order to setup an income so this will be less of a problem in the future.
  • Atria has a dream depicting the Master surviving the fire by having his consciousness jump into Asketil's body and taking control of it. She also says that the books are really important to stop him.
  • Condercum turns back from salt, mostly to stone, but parts of it have become silver.
  • Sextus recovers from his boot addiction
  • Nicholas is rarely seen and seems to be avoiding the magi.
  • Kensis is seen around the perimeter of the covenant, but doesn't seem to come through the Aegis. The grogs are much more afraid to go out at night, and occasionally spot him when they are forced to, but none have been harmed.
  • Cuirc is on much better behavior. She seems hesitant to leave the aegis and spends much of her time reading in the library.
  • A letter arrived from Gavin's apprentice Essilia. The magi wrote a reply filling her in on the current situation and letting her know their belief that Gavin is in France.
  • A presumed fairy shows up, inquiring about a shipment of silver he was expecting. He comments on the poor music that is performed for him and promises that another will come to visit, more capable of negotiations. He is given a token amount of silver, raw from the mine. When he leaves, a smith's hammer is found on the table which turns to ladybugs (the swarm is 1 pawn of Vim, and is being kept alive) when Atria touches (well, tastes) it.
  • Lita arrives. Aite spends most of his time taking care of her.
  • Undead sightings die down for most of the season, but start picking up again near the end.
  • Atria found a source of Auram vis on the highest roof. If loose rocks are left up there, one pawn of Auram will collect in them each season.
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