Ysle ex Verditius

Ysle is a newly-gauntleted maga of Verditius. She is lame, and while well-suited for life inside the lab, unsure of how to handle herself outside it. Ysle's parens, Denuo ex Verditius, is Nicholas ex Verditius' filius.

We pronounce Ysle "Eisley".

Character Description

Born: A.D. 1196


Ysle comes from a practical-research line of Verditius magi (as, in fact, most lines of Verditius magi are). Her parens was Denuo ex Verditius, and although he was fairly kind (especially in comparison to the stories she's heard about Nicholas), he was also rather absent-minded in training his apprentice: she wasn't precisely neglected, and he managed to teach or get others to teach her, but he was rather more interested in training a competent lab assistant than a Successor To Pass On The Glorious Lineage. It was only in the last few years of her training that he seemed to suddenly realize that he'd somehow come up with a maga and began to treat her as an apprentice rather than a combination pet + helpful lab equipment. Ysle successfully passed her gauntlet after spending three seasons at Celliwig Covenant enchanting The Faithful Lamp.

All the filii of Nicholas agree that Ysle's magic is very like his.

From her apprenticeship she retains a frightened respect of Nicholas, a vague kind-heartedness towards her parens, and a certain appreciation for labwork and various forms of metalcraft — as well as the unavoidable Verditius fascination with enchanted objects, which her parens' focus only helped strengthen.

Ysle has auburn hair, tending towards red, and wears practical clothing in browns, reds, and yellows.


In addition to her clothing and casting tools (which might pass for very odd mismatched jewelry), Ysle has with her:

  • A gold ring with the Verditius rune for Ignem. It absorbs magic and releases it as heat — this can be directed out as a fireball.
  • The cloak keyed to the sanctum wards.
  • A small coppery statue of herself, created from thin air by Tyceline ex Criamon as a "minor magic". Tyceline's Golden Twilight seems to have brought her beyond the limits of Hermetic magic, so it is likely that this item is permanent, even though it was created without vis. Investigation with The Secrets of the Earth revealed that the item had no magical properties (although it was created with magic) and that it is an Arcane Connection to Ysle. (Presumably Isaiah's statue is similarly non-magical and an Arcane Connection to him.)

General Traits


Intelligence (Logical): 2
Perception (Attentive to detail): 1
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Dexterity (Nimble-fingered): 2
Quickness: 0
Presence: 0
Communication: 0

Confidence: 4/3
Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0


Inventive Genius (1)
Invention comes naturally to you. You receive +3 on Lab Totals when you invent new spells, craft magic items, and make potions. If you experiment, you get +6.
Mage-Smith (2)
If you hand-craft a durable magic item, you may add your applicable Craft score to your Lab Total. If you have several applicable Craft abilities, the primary one counts fully and each additional Ability adds one to your Lab Total. Potions are not considered durable magic items, although vellum scrolls are possible if you are a percamenarius (see WGRE pg. 125).
An item can be opened for magical investment in the same season it is made, assuming the item was relatively simple. Having an applicable specialty in the Craft ability only adds an additional one if it is in the primary ability applied. This Virtue needs some scrutiny by the Storyguide or troupe, especially if taken by a Verditius magus. Or, in this case, maga.
Quiet Magic (2)
You can cast spells using only a soft voice at no penalty, and at only a -5 penalty if you do not speak at all. You gain no benefits from using your voice normally or using a booming voice.
Common Sense (1)
Whenever you are about to do something contrary to what is sensible in the game setting, common sense (the Storyguide) alerts you to the error. This is an excellent Virtue for a beginning player, as it legitimizes any help the Storyguide may give.


Follower of Verditius (-1)
Your magic requires the use of small devices called casting tools. These must simply be held and focused on as the spell is cast in order for it to work. Verditius magi still must use gestures and words as other magi do. Each spell known requires a separate tool. The creation of casting tools is included in the time it takes a Verditius maga to learn spells. Ysle's casting tools take the form of a small metal virgula, or "little wand", two to four inches long, with a relevant spell focus incorporated. Most are strung as a necklace around her neck, although those for aimed spells hang from a bracelet.
Incompatible Arts (Perdo Auram) (-1)
For some reason you are completely unable to use one or more combinations of Techniques and Forms (except Vim and Corpus). This Flaw may be taken repeatedly with different combinations, but may not be combined with a Deficiency.
Weak Writer (-1)
You write about magic slowly and methodically. You copy spells from your shorthand at (Scribe Latin x 10) levels per season, and copy (Scribe Latin x 30) levels of spells that have already been written out per season. You may only write summae up to one-third of your level in an Art or Knowledge, and write two levels less per season than normal. You copy summae at (Scribe + Dexterity) x 2 levels per season.
Lame (-2)
One of your legs is weakened, whether since birth or through some accident. You move slowly and clumsily. Your base speed is a mere one mile per hour, and anyone can outrun you. You suffer a -6 penalty on rolls involving moving quickly or with agility (as long as they have something to do with your leg), -3 on Dodge, and -1 on other combat scores.
Uncommon Fear (Thunder) (-1)
Something that others find innocuous or even pleasant makes you nervous, edgy, and unable to concentrate. If you are prone to violence, you might respond by attacking or destroying the feared thing, but only if you cannot escape its presence. The object of your fear is something you're not likely to meet on a daily basis.


Speak Latin (Hermetic) (5)
This skill is similar to all other Speak (Language) skills, but it is only available to educated characters. Characters who have associated with magi for long periods of time may have picked up Speak Latin with the Storyguide's permission. All educated characters know Latin, since without it you cannot learn any Academic Knowledges. In other areas of the world, Greek and Hebrew may fill similar functions. Characters with foreign backgrounds may choose either of these instead of Latin. (Intelligence)
Speak English (Cornwall border) (4)
Fluency in a particular language. Rather than roll a die modifier, your score in this language measures your ability to communicate. When two people speak to each other, the lower Ability score determines how well they communicate. Characters who speak related languages can communicate at a penalty to their scores (assigned by the Storyguide) depending on how closely related the two languages are. Speak Latin (and Greek and Hebrew) cannot be chosen with this Knowledge — it is a separate Academic Knowledge. (Intelligence)
Legerdemain (Sleight of hand) (1)
Sleight of hand and knowledge of confidence games requiring sleight of hand. It requires a delicate touch and great hand-eye coordination. Legerdemain includes filching things from market stalls and cutting purses, as well as the "magical" trickery often used to raise money from credulous folk. The target of an attempt rolls Perception + Awareness to detect your actions. If the perceiver has Legerdemain skill, he may substitute that for Awareness if he wishes. On particularly delicate moves such as picking pockets, he receives a +3 bonus. (Dexterity, Quickness)
Parma Magica (Terram) (2.1)
Protection from magic. This is a special ritual (not a ritual spell) that takes about a minute to perform. It lets you add 5 times your Parma Magica score to magic resistance rolls until the next sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first. You may also protect one other person for each point of Parma Magica, but the score is effectively modified by -3 (so you need a score of 4+ to do any good at all). You may cancel the effect at will. (N/A)
Finesse (Precision) (3.1)
Manipulating spells and performing special feats with them. You would use this Ability to position objects delicately or to target spells. (Perception)
Penetration (Intellego) (2)
Getting your spell through the target's magic resistance. Generally, you add your Ability score to your spellcasting roll and compare the total to the target's magic resistance roll. (N/A)
Concentration (Lab work) (2)
Focusing your mental faculties on one task, particularly for extended periods of time. If you are attempting a feat that demands your extra attention, or if you have just failed an action and are trying again, the Storyguide can call for a Concentration roll before you can make the attempt. This Ability is especially important for magi because it helps them maintain concentration on spells despite distractions. (Stamina, Intelligence)
Certamen (Terram) (1)
Fighting magical duels. Add your score in this Skill to your rolls in certámen. (Intelligence)
Magic Theory (Enchanting Items) (5.3)
Knowledge of what magic is and how it works, used primarily in the laboratory. Magic Theory deals primarily with Hermetic magic, though higher scores might indicate some knowledge of other traditions. You can sometimes gain experience through experimentation (see AM4, pg. 191) (Intelligence)
Verditius Magic (Enchanting Items) (4.1)
This reflects your special aptitude at crafting magic items. You may improve this skill with experience points. Add this Ability score to your Lab Total when creating magical devices, including longevity potions.
Scribe Latin (Lab texts/spells) (2)
The Scribe skill covers the basic ability to read and write, and also the ability to compose a letter, charter, or book. In Western Europe, the Roman alphabet is used for most languages. Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic script are used in other areas. Scribe skill must be purchased separately for each language or alphabet you wish to be proficient in. (Intelligence)
Craft (Blacksmith) (Wrought iron) (2)
A general term for countless skills, all dealing with handiwork of some type. You may purchase Craft more than once, choosing a different one each time. Skill in one Craft does not imply skill in any others. (Intelligence, Dexterity)
Craft (Gold/Silversmith) (Fine detail) (2)
Craft (Glasswork) (Glassblowing) (1)
Organization Lore (Order of Hermes) (Verditius) (2)
Knowledge of the structure, operation, and goals of the specified organization. Organizations can be as large as the Church, or as small as a local craft guild. The smaller the organization, the more detailed your knowledge. (Intelligence)


Keep Ysle away from melee combat, please.

Soak: 0

Personality Traits

Fair-minded (by her own standards) (2)
Curious (outside world) (1)
Cautious (uncertain situations) (2)
Enamoured (of shiny things) (3)


Pushover (mundanes wanting magic things) (2)

Hermetic Traits

Ysle is strongest in Intellego, Terram, and Vim. She is also familiar with Creo, Muto, Rego, and Ignem.

Concentration: 4
Fast-Cast Speed: 3
Twilight Points: 1

Magic Arts

Wizard's Sigil

Ysle's sigil is an impression of something relating to metalwork: it might be the sound of a hammer tapping, the scent or glow of hot metal, the hiss of quenching, etc.
Ysle's voting sigil is a magpie, about five inches high, made of copper. The white patches are made of silver in intricate filigree.


Although Ysle's repertoire of spells includes several not found in the AM4 books, it is not to be understood that she has invented these. Rather, they are perfectly ordinary spells, just not ones found in the AM4 rulebooks.

Eyes of the Cat (MuCo 5) (5 + 3)
R: Touch, D: Sun/Year, T: Ind
Spell Focus: Hair from a Cat (+3)
Requisites: Animal
Casting Tool: Hollow bronze virgula with cat hairs inside and a catseye inset above the hole.
The target gains the eyes of a cat, which allow him or her to see in near darkness (but not in absolute darkness, such as a lightless subterranean cavern).
Lamp Without Flame (CrIg 10) (10 + 1)
R: Touch, D: Conc, T: Room
Spell Focus: Lantern Oil (+1)
Casting Tool: Hollow silver virgula filled with lamp oil. The tip unscrews to allow access to the lamp oil.
Illuminates the room that you are in with a light equal to torch or lamp light, as long as you concentrate. When using lantern oil, you spread it over some object, and the light emanates from that object. When cast outside, this spell illuminates an area about 5 paces across.
Heat of the Searing Forge (CrIg 10) (10 + 3)
R: Near/Sight, D: Mom, T: Ind
Spell Focus: Chrysolite (+3)
Casting Tool: Silver virgula with chrysolite inset.
Heats a piece of metal so that it is too hot to touch. Something the size of a breastplate or helmet does +5 damage if in direct contact with the skin for one round. For each additional round, more damage is done, the amount dropping by two points each round (+3 damage on round two, then +1). Smaller objects do less damage. Most metal armor has leather or cloth underneath that gives the victim a +3 Soak bonus against the heat. Chrysolite is a rock having strong associations with the sun.
Words of the Flickering Flame (InIg 25) (13 + 3)
R: Reach/Near, D: Conc, T: Small
Spell Focus: Ashes in Mouth (+3)
Casting Tool: Hollow copper virgula, filled with ashes. The tip unscrews to allow access to the ashes.
Allows you to converse with a fire, commonly very chaotic and distractable. Promising a fire more fuel might keep its interest. Fires are mostly aware of what they've burned, but they have a limited awareness of what goes on around them as well.
Hornet Fire (MuIg 10) (9 + 1)
R:Near/Sight, D: Conc, T: Ind
Spell Focus: A Stinging Insect (+1)
Requisite: Rego
Turns a fire into a swarm of fireballs, each the size of a large insect, that fly and harass at your command. Their burning touch gives gives all those you indicate within y paces of the fire both a -3 penalty of all rolls and two extra botch dice. If using the focus, you throw the stinging insect into the fire.
: Quench the Burning Brand (PeIg 10) (5 + 1 or 2) : R: Reach, D: Mom, T: Ind
Spell Focus: Water from a Forge (+1 if possessed, +2 if a droplet is cast)
Casting Tool: Hollow iron virgula filled with water from a forge. The tip, you will not be surprised to learn, unscrews to allow access to the water.
Puts out a fire, or quenches hot metal. From AM4 pg. 137: Level 5 + 1 magnitude to raise Target from Small to Individual.
The Secrets of the Earth (InTe 20) (15)
R: Reach, D: Conc, T: Small
Casting Tool: Copper virgula with all 15 Verditius runes inscribed on it.
Learn the magical properties of an object. From AM4 pg. 150: InTe guidelines.
Mold of Magic (MuTe 10) (12)
R: Reach, D: Sun, T: Ind
Casting Tool: Bronze virgula, intricately filigreed in the area of the hole from which it hangs from Ysle's necklace.
Mastered: 2/2
Change the shape of metal (even intricately; the Storyguide may call for a Finesse roll in these cases). From AM4 pg. 151: Level 3 + 2 levels to change the shape of metal instead of dirt, +1 magnitude to raise Target from Small to Individual.
The Crystal Dart (MuTe 10) (11 + 3, Targeting 7)
R:Reach/Far, D:Mom, T: Small
Aimed: +4
Spell Focus: A Rock Crystal (+3)
Requisite: Rego
Casting Tool: Bronze virgula with a shard of rock crystal extending from the tip. If this virgula were to hang from her necklace, it would probably scratch her and catch in her clothing; fortunately it hangs from her bracelet, where it can be easily held and pointed at the target of the spell. (The Law of Sympathy is a powerful thing; covering or capping the end of the virgula might actually reduce the sharpness of the created dart.)
A 10-inch crystal dart rises from the ground at your feet, floats into the air, and speeds off like an arrow at a target that is within Far range. It does +10 damage.
Unseen Fingers (ReTe 10) (11 + 1)
R: Near/Sight, D: Conc, T: Small
Spell Focus: A Silver Shaving from a Valued Serving Platter (+1)
Casting Tool: Thin gold virgula with spell focus embedded inside. This virgula hangs from Ysle's bracelet.
Mastered: 1/2
Moves a light, non-living thing, like a mug, instrument, or a small pouch of coins; it can oppose light intentional resistance. Unlike Unseen Arm, Unseen Fingers may move things quickly and with finesse: roughly speaking, it has Quickness +2 and Dexterity +2. Casting requisites of an appropriate Form for the target are required. From AM4 pg. 153: Add +1 magnitude to Unseen Arm to allow for finer manipulation, speed, and force. The Storyguide may call for Finesse or other rolls in extraordinary circumstances, but in most cases should consider that this extra magnitude takes care of things.
Sense the Origin of Vis (InVi 25) (15)
R: Arc, D: Mom, T: Ind
Casting Tool: Copper virgula.
Determines the source of some vis that you own (the vis serves as the arcane connection). The spell burns one pawn of the vis it is cast on, and works only if the source still exists. You receive an impression of the direction and approximate distance of the source. Strong auras can also distort the readings, but in general the location it gives is reasonably accurate. If you have a map and the source is located somewhere on it, you can use the map to receive an impression where on the map the source is located instead, to within a thumb's width.
Gather the Essence of the Beast (MuVi 15) (12 + 3)
R: Touch/Near, D: Inst, T: Ind
Spell Focus: A Silver Globe (+3)
Casting Tool: Bronze virgula, 4 inches long, tipped with a small silver globe (about 1 inch in diameter).
Concentrates the raw vis in a corpse into one part of that corpse, which can then be removed. This spell lets you gather all the raw vis you find without lugging around entire corpses of beasts. Note that the vis in many magical creatures is already concentrated in this manner in some specific organ, though this spell will allow you to relocate that vis if you wish.

Lab Texts

Salt Bushel (Winter 1220)
Magic Theory: 5
Effect: The Assembly of the Salt of the Sea, level 5
Type: Lesser Enchanted Device
Lab Total: Rego (4) + Terram (7) + Intelligence (2) + Magic Theory (5 + 1) + Aura (8) + Inventive Genius (3) + Verditius Magic (4 + 1) + Two Verditius Runes (3) = 38
Modifications: 2 uses per day (+1)
Vis: 1 pawn Terram
Item: Wooden bushel
Notes: Used Verditius runes for Rego and Terram
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